About Us


What is OMO?

OMO is a mobile application that facilitates you in shopping the local market. It is a mobile Android application, which enables online buyers to book online and offline sellers to sell their products. Post a product listing, the app will automatically list the product on its website, which can be reached through any web browser. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of local sellers. It makes the selling process simple and user-friendly, thereby allowing sellers to showcase their products on the go.


At OMO, we are dedicated to the vision of digitizing the local market. Our innovative solutions and services are designed to help businesses connect with their customers like never before.

we are dedicated to serve the society with a great experience of buyer and seller engagement, while providing local sellers a great platform to display their products digitally, where customers can easily get products and price comparisons from their local market.


“We believe that through digitalization, businesses can reach new heights and create a brighter future for everyone involved. But not everything is digital, and that includes the local market where millions of people live and work. The local market is a big business too, and we want to help our Local Businesses to get a bigger play in digital market. With that in mind, we came up with a visionary service named Own Market Operation (OMO).”